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Rossie Russell


Rosie is an author
and illustrator who has studied Early Childhood Education and taught students in elementary and middle school.

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Each month The Parents Monthly Journal features a company that helps improve family life
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This month's Featured Company

Free2Luv is a youth empowerment nonprofit
passionate about individuality, celebrating equality,
spreading kindness, and standing up to bullying
through arts and entertainment.

Free2Luv is a movement of youth for youth
with a unique approach to self-esteem and empowerment.

The Free2BeMe Project is a visual storytelling experience
created to empower youth by sharing their stories through art.
Through this creative experience, youth gain self-awareness,
connect with others and realize they are not alone.

Visit Free2Luv to learn more!

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This space is available for companies that offer family friendly products & services
& charitable/non-profit organizations that help parents & kids.

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Child Safety

Louis Molinari

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What Were They Thinking?

Share your experiences & ask questions too.

Louis completed a bachelor's of science in
Electrical Engineering at the
New York Institute of Technology &
an MBA at the University of Phoenix.

Lou has 2 children &
a 6th grandchild
on the way!

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Child Safety

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Protecting Your Child
from Sexual Abuse:
What You Need to Know
to Keep Your Kids Safe

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