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Hot Topic: Family Travel

How to Choose a Family Cruise

Ever wonder what seven days in the same cabin
with your children would be like?
Here are tips for a FUN family cruise...

Budget-Friendly Trips & Tips:
Traveling with Tweens and Teens

Let’s face it - tweens and teens are sometimes
the most difficult family members to please.
These tween & teen travel tips
will help you stay sane.

How to Travel with Another Family
& Still Remain Friends

Traveling with another family can be fun.
You can also split costs to save money.
Just remember the big beware...
ruining the friendship.
These tips will help keep your friendship
alive & well during & after the trip!

Preventing Travel Meltdowns:
Golden Rules for Family Travel

Your 3 year-old whines throughout your picnic...
your 7 year-old refuses to look
at the science museum exhibits...
your 10 & 14 year-olds battle like toddlers
in the backseat of the car...
Family meltdowns happen.
These tips can help keep them to a minimum.

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